A Few Things to Know…

If skin is tan or sunburned do not get waxed.  Also do not plan on being in the sun or tanning bed for at least one full day post wax.  Shaving in between waxing will interrupt the desired 3-4 week return growth,  makes you prone to ingrown hairs and create tougher, coarser hair.

If you use Retin-A, Renova, Acutane, glycolic peels, Proactiv, Botox, any topical medications or have collagen injections:  you MUST inform us prior to each waxing service.

We use warm Azulene wax and Peach wax for Sensitive skin

Almond oil as after wax treatment  for a gentle healing of skin

Aloe Vera for those with very sensitive skin


Price List

Eyebrows $15
Lip $12
Full face $35
Full leg $52
Full leg with basic bikini $65
Basic bikini $27
Brazilian bikini (includes back side ) $55
 1/2 legs  $30
Underarms $18
Full arms $35
Men’s back $50
Chest $50




Permanent hair removal in a series of treatments

15 Minute Session $30
30 Minute Session $45
45 Minute Session $55
1 Hour Session $65